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A youth-led charity that operates with a democratic governance structure and no administrative cost overheads

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No Fees

Bigger Impact

When you partner with us, you can be sure that 100% of what you give goes directly towards helping those in need.

Even the most efficient charities use up to 20% of your donation to pay staff, rent offices and conduct lavish promotional events. In fact, one charity has reported in their financial statements that only 1% of what they receive is given to those in need. Unlike others, our operating costs are fully absorbed by our parent company and generous corporate sponsors.

We do not own lavish guesthouses, nor hire staff convicted of criminal or sexual offences, ensuring that incidents of abuse which commonly occur at other charities never occur at ours.

Lower cost. Bigger impact. Greater Good.

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Youth Led. In Touch.

Our charity is founded and led by a youth movement. Not only are we regularly audited by governments, our democratic operating structure ensures that our work is closely scrutinised and that all of us are held to account.

Not only so, our Foundation is in touch with the needs of those we serve, ensuring that the funds you generously give serves those in need with the utmost effectiveness.

Authentic Experiences, Powerfully Delivered

We only offer experiences that authentically reflect the experiences of those we serve. We believe that only those who personally experience the impacts of issues (such as forced migration, domestic violence and lack of education due to poverty) have the right to narrate their own stories, which are powerfully delivered in a respectful manner.

For example, unlike other charities who offer simulated refugee experiences, we offer much more than a dramatised and out-of-context 30-minute play. We allow refugees to speak directly to students about their own experiences to ensure it is delivered in an empowering and respectful manner. Students may also ask questions directly to refugee families, allowing for powerful interactions and lasting impact that sparks real change.

The Power of Your Actions

Our actions, no matter how large or small, can impact lives. We believe that you have already Made a Difference by doing what you do everyday. But we can take this a step further, together. Volunteer or participate in one of our events to promote equality, social justice and get us one step closer to ending child poverty.

Show that you care by sharing your special Make a Difference moment with your family and friends.