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Help end domestic violence in Hong Kong

For: Harmony House HK
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Organizer: The Make a Difference Movement Foundation

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Our Story

Preventing domestic violence within families and helping children has always been one of my main focal points, and I believe that our ever so developed society has not dedicated enough resources in helping victims of Domestic Violence.

When I was 12, I started a charitable organisation (The Make a Difference Movement Foundation) in hopes of contributing to this long yet achievable journey towards ending child poverty and ensuring equal opportunities for families and children.

During this past years, I have seen our society becoming ever so divided. During my one year in Hangzhou of China, I have seen poverty show itself in the most extreme of forms, and most of the time, it plagues innocent children. I have also known at least 2 close friends who had been pulled out of school due to their parents losing jobs at top financial institutions.

​This has motivated me even more in promoting my cause to end child poverty and make the lives of children a better one.

Lifelong Impact

When I met with the victims of domestic violence, I could see the suffering linger in their eyes.

The children had no sense of purpose, and their families had no sense of unity. This really saddens and at the same time angers me.

Children should not have to be caught in the middle of all this, I thought to myself. I decided to do something. The result of my actions starts here with the launch of this fundraiser.

With the money collected, I will purchase supplies for the shelter (blankets, pillows, etc) and toys for affected children. At the same time, the rest of the funds will be donated directly this organisation, Harmony House.

​This organisation is not government funded, which makes it hard to expand and provide more necessary resources to help families affected by Domestic Violence.

You Can Help


Yes, not big companies with their big checks, but you.

All materials bought will be environmentally friendly and every cent will go towards helping needy families and children.

Children are our future. Without them, there will be no tomorrow. By nurturing them and providing them with a warm and safe environment, we are doing them good but also doing our society good.

All families and children who will benefit from this project is extremely excited and everyone is more than willing to be involved. If everyone reading this page gave $10, this fundraiser could easily achieve it’s goal within 10 minutes.

​This fundraiser is going to cover the cost of providing victims of Domestic Violence with materials in their shelters, counselling and re-integration services and help the organisation expand.

Sustainability and your part

In terms of sustainability, if this project proves to be a success, it would be a push for our local government to allocate resources for organisations like Harmony House. It would also bring more attention towards preventing domestic violence, and helping children in general.

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When you sponsor a child, you will receive letters giving you updates on your child’s growth and how your donation has made an impact. 

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