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The Hunger Project

Feed People Not Landfills!

Redistributing Surplus Food

Our country is facing a hidden crisis: hunger.

It is our mission to rescue and redistribute unsold but fresh food items to lend those in need a helping hand.

How You Can Help

Volunteering your time is the best way to end hunger
in your community.


Our Weekly Food Run

Help Your Local Community

 by delivering unsold but fresh food items from partner stores near you and redistributing them to people in need.


With no fees or admin costs, 100% of what you give goes toward feeding those in need.

Join Our Food Delivery Network

Long distance delivery runs (i.e. those requiring an extended commute outside of your local community) are reimbursed.

The Problem

Connecting surplus food to people in need.


Stores such as Pret-a-Manger advertise foods that are “Made Today, Gone Today”. But ‘gone today’ often doesn’t mean ‘sold today’. Unsold food items go to waste – feeding landfills instead of people in need.


Supermarkets take perfectly edible food products off their shelves on their ‘sell by’ date. However, according to research conducted by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), one third of a product’s shelf life remains after the sell by date for consumers to safely consume.

How We Make an Impact

  • Through a team of volunteers, we collect food from supermarkets, food factories, and retail stores with a “made today, gone today” policy such as Pret.

  • The collected food then gets temperature checked. All food items we accept must pass stringent safety checks (such as checking for excess temperature, discolourisation, and foul smells).

  • We accept items of food that pass our strict safety tests, and store them in chillers (large scale industrial freezing units provided by CRS UK).

The Redistribution Process

  • Most food items from retail stores are redistributed on the same day for maximum freshness.

  • Through an app similar to Deliveroo or Uber Eats, volunteers are assigned ‘routes’ directing them from their collection point to one of our charity partners. Food is then delivered and used to feed those in homeless shelters.

  • Other food items such as fresh foods or those from supermarkets are sent into our cold store, waiting to be redistributed to our charity partners.

Hunger: It’s To Do With Resource Allocation

In the United Kingdom, we have an abundance of food. So why are people still sleeping hungry?

It’s to do with inefficient resource allocation. Too much food is going to waste, feeding landfills instead of people.

Maximising Effectiveness

We try our best to keep costs low.

We employ staff on a voluntary; unpaid basis.

Keeping Food Cool

The only major cost is refrigeration. We aim to lower this cost by redistributing food on the same they they arrive at our collection warehouse.


Food is donated to us at no cost by supermarkets and retail stores.

Make Giving

Part Of Living

With no admin costs, your generousity puts food on people’s plates. When you give to us today, all of what you give will go directly towards feeding those in need.

Donate Today or Get Involved

Your Donation Today Directly Helps Put Food on Plates!