Volunteer, Give, Attend, Spread the Word

Easy And Effective Ways To Make A Difference

How You Can Join Our Movement


The most effective way to end child poverty and domestic violence right now is to make a donation, today. Because we operate with no admin costs nor fees, 100% of what you give today goes directly towards helping those in need.

Learn how you can change a child’s life just by giving £4.99 a month.

Be an Advocate

We are a small, youth-led social change movement. Your help in spreading awareness of our cause makes a big difference. Even if you can’t donate right now, a simple share on Facebook or Twitter is enough to change a child’s life.

Are you a student, or an individual who knows an organisation that could partner with us? If you are, please get us in touch.


Sometimes, direct action makes the biggest difference. Whether it be volunteering at one of our shelters or schools, working in one of our offices, or helping out at our Food Bank, your work today directly helps end child poverty.

You and Your Friends Can Make A World Of Difference!

Become an advocate today, and introduce us to organisations that you think will work well with us to end child poverty, hunger, and domestic/sexual abuse.

Or, become a volunteer for valuable experience you can put on your CV, and help us spread the word for change.

Other Resources

When it comes to ending child poverty, or stamping out domestic and sexual abuse, no action is too small.

How To Be a Voice for Change Today

  • Making a cash donation is the most direct and effective way to make the biggest difference.
  • Volunteer with us for valuable work experience that schools and companies desire.
  • Spread the word amongst your friends so they can become a changemaking advocate too!
  • We are stronger together. Introduce us to organisations that you think could work with us to end child poverty or stamp out domestic and sexual abuse.


Why is making a donation the most effective way to create change?

Because we have a global network of partners who have a strong track record of delivering great care for those in need, making a cash donation is more efficient than making donations in-kind, and maximises the effectiveness of your generousity.

Why Should I Volunteer?

Volunteers like you are key towards the successful delivery of our charity programs. Help those in need through direct action while gaining valuable community service experience recognised by schools, universities and employers worldwide.

Why should I volunteer with a group of friends?

Volunteering with a group of friends make helping those in need so much more rewarding. Plus, multiply the impact of your work because there is strength in solidarity, and solidarity in strength.

For IB Diploma Students, Does Volunteering With You Count For My CAS Experiences?

Yes! Every hour of volunteering counts directly towards completing your IB Diploma CAS Requirements. We are happy to provide supporting documentation and references on request.

If I volunteer, can I get a reference?

Yes! For most volunteers, especially those helping out in the long term, our Foundation is happy to provide references for you on request.

How Can I Learn More?

Please browse our website for more of what we do, or get in touch today to learn more!

Donate Today or Get Involved

End Child Poverty By Donating Today!