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Be it the security guard that greets you every morning or a teacher who truly cares, there will always be people that make our lives just a bit better. Tell us about a person or an event that has made a significant difference in your life!  

We run a grassroots campaign – this means that instead of relying on fat cheques from large, multi-national corporations, we need people like you who care and are willing to pitch in.

For our campaign to be successful, we need you. Could you please spare a few seconds and send a tweet?

Know Someone In Need?

If you know someone in need, please confidentially reach out to us – we are able to help. Whether it be providing them with accomodation in our shelters, or helping them with their daily living expenses by providing transport subsidies, there is a lot we can do, together, to make our world a better place for everyone.

Likewise, if you know of a deserving organisation that would benefit from our support, financial or otherwise, please do let us know. Whether through grants or other forms of support, we will work with the organisation to meet their needs.

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