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Make a Difference

Founded in 2014, the Make a Difference Foundation provides emergency assistance to refugees, those in poverty without access to education and victims of domestic violence.

Move Beyond Labels

A charitable fund to promote racial diversity, understanding and harmony.

Provides support for ethnic minority families and refugees through cultural exchange and mentorship programs.

Change For Chance

Long term developmental assistance fund started in 2016.

Current projects include the funding of 47 schools in Africa, South America and China, and providing domestic violence victims with shelters and basic necessities.

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The Story Of Us

Founded in 2014, Make a Difference has expanded to various schools, and is focused in giving a voice to those who face social injustice.

How We Got Started

 The Difference Foundation (Changefinity) was founded in 2014, a year where social conflicts in Hong Kong were starting to cause cracks in our society. Many in my city are living in a vicious cycle of poverty that is increasingly hard to get out of. As a student studying in Hong Kong’s best international school, I was acutely aware that we were in a unique and privileged position to create change in society. Change that not only benefits the elite group of society, but rather, change that is inclusive for everyone.

Where We Are Now

Make a Difference soon expanded to cover multiple schools globally. With a focus on issues like sustainability and environmental protection to child welfare and inequality, we are grateful to be able to play our part in making our world a better place. In late 2016, we once again expanded with the formation of a new charitable foundation (Change for Chance), which specifically serves children and single families, providing them with the free, high-quality education needed to thrive.

 We’re also proud to be one of the few charities that have no administrative cost overheads. All of our employees are non-salaried volunteers, and we rely on generous in-kind donations to keep costs low. The end result? Less costs. Bigger impact. Greater Good.

Saving Lives & Building Families Since 2014

Children Placed

Community Centres

Schools Operating

We don’t take money from large corporations. Instead, we rely on you.

Please explore our cause, and if it resonates with you, consider donating a few bucks. A couple of dollars here and there can really make a difference. The children needs you, how can we bare to ignore their pleas for help?

How Does The Foundation Operate With No Costs?

We rely on in-kind donations from generous sponsors while cutting down on unnecessary expenses. We have no offices, the majority of our staff are volunteers, and we have corporate sponsors who cover our essential running costs.

There Are so many charities out there. Why Difference?

Because 100% of your donation goes directly towards those in need, such as orphans and refugee children. Unlike other charities, we don’t spend your donation on building luxurious guesthouses or on extravagant executive pay.

How Can I Help?

You can help even without donating. Volunteer with us for meaningful work experience. You can also spread the word about our Foundation – every share counts!

How Can I Donate Efficiently?

Give to charities that are transparent about operating costs, and are frugal about expenses. Also, consider giving cash instead of goods. While a nice gesture, goods donation can actually create a heavy administrative and cost burden for small charities like ours.

How Can I Manage My Donation

You can always change the frequency and amount of your donation. Simply login to our donor portal and in a few clicks, make the changes that you wish.

How Can I Get In Touch?

Please find details on how to contact us on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Please do reach out if you have any questions. Our team is very happy to have a chat.

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