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A foundation that serves everyone, not just the select few sitting at the top.

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When you give to us, 100% of your donation goes to those in need. Without admin costs, there’s more to go around.

Lower cost. Bigger impact. Greater Good.

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Change for Chance

Our society needs change. In a competitive and fast-paced world, many are simply pushed aside, excluded from a fair chance at succeeding in life.

We must take the lead in promoting social change that makes our society more inclusive and supportive for everyone.

The Power of Your Actions

Our actions, no matter how large or small, can impact lives. We believe that you have already Made a Difference by doing what you do everyday. But we can take this a step further, together. Volunteer or participate in one of our events to promote equality, social justice and get us one step closer to ending child poverty.

Show that you care by sharing your special Make a Difference moment with your family and friends.

Care for those that need it

Make a Difference provides support to those affected by social issues like Domestic Violence and poverty, while also serving those excluded from the government’s social welfare system.

Educational Enrichment

The social and technological advancement in our progressive society is closely tied to a strong and supportive backbone: academia.

Education has the power to lift people out of poverty, it has the power to inspire and empower. We provide educational services to those who lack access to it, and help them thrive in our modern society.

Change for Chance

We actively push for policy and attitude changes in order to benefit those in need. We have tirelessly campaigned for better protection of Domestic Violence victims, while also pushing hard for fair and equal access to education for all.