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Charities typically tackle many issues at once, and have significant expenses. This means that a portion of what you give goes towards renting premium office space, buying guesthouses, or towards high paying executive positions.

We’re not your typical charity, however. Every cent of what you give goes directly to those in need, with all costs paid for by our parent company. This makes for more efficient giving.

Democratic Governance

We are a youth led social change movement, and all our activities are open and transparent. When we fundraise, we aim to explain clearly how and where your donations will be used. Where possible, we let you decide on how to best allocate your generosity.

Empower Together


Our Foundation actively seeks to partner with organisations, government departments and schools to expand our reach and provide tailored assistance for your constitutents.

Call For Inquiry

UK: +44 (0) 7537 180510

US (Washington DC): +1 202 921-1885

US (California): +1 818 408-6115

US (New York): +1 (845) 208-5383

Canada (British Columbia): +1 778 400-3638

Canada (Vancouver): +1 807 700-8933

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Partnerships in operating existing schools, or for the delivery of Difference Programmes for students.


Partnership with government departments and local authorities for provision of services for low-income families.


Solutions for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes, employee gift matching, and acquisitions.


Organisation Structure

Our Group of Companies

Our organisation is made up of seperate companies to ensure efficient and lean operations.

The Make a Difference Movement, Inc.

Our main company.

The Difference Foundation (Changefinity)

Responsible for delivering time-sensitive aid in response to urgent events, such as large scale public emergencies.

Change for Chance Foundation

Long-term social assistance. Provides continuous support for refugees and those affected by domestic or sexual abuse.

BAME United

Our newest charitable foundation, dedicated towards advancing racial equity and promoting positive race relations.

Service Organisations

These organisations assist in the delivery of our vital programmes.

Difference Delivery Group

Responsible for delivery of group services. Monitors delivery of Difference Programmes to ensure service quality.

Difference Acquisitions Group

Manages acquisitions and expansion of The Difference Group.

Difference Services Limited

The commercial services operating arm of The Make a Difference Movement, Inc.

Difference Outreach Limited

Conducts outreach and relationship building activities for our group.


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Telephone: +44 (0) 7537-180510

Email: [email protected]

Child Protection Policy

Serving vulnerable women and children is at the heart of what we do. Please refer to our Child Protection Policy for more information on how we protect those we serve.