Citizens. Empowered.

We see ourselves as partners, assisting governments, public authorities, and policy makers. We work to identify and prevent corruption and hidden discrimination, while building schools and community centres


Education Activity

Through our Education Activity initiative, we fund the construction and operation of schools in strategically selected hotspots of need.

Mobility Services

We fund the provision of free public transportation for citizens in your community, subject to a means-test.


Data-Driven and Tailored approach

Through frequent consultation, we understand your needs and measurethe effectiveness of our offerings.

Community Centres


Years In Operation

We’re Part of Your Change.

We believe the best way to create social change is to work from the top down. We partner with you, understanding your citizen’s needs.

We promote a hands-on governance approach, whereby you retain complete control of governance, and instruct us on areas that we can provide assistance in.

We’re Pro-Regulation.

No matter where we operate, we abide by local laws. We encourage governments to set out regulations that hold us accountable for our work, creating clarity and a level playing field for organisations like ours.

Reduce Wastage

We work to monitor the delivery of public services to citizens, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively, and that under-performing institutions are empowered to embrace changes necessary to increase performance standards.

Data Driven Decisions

When operating schools or public transport schemes, we review data and analyse usage patterns to determine areas in need of further investment. This proactive approach towards service delivery increases your constitutents’ satisfaction and ensures continued success of our programs.

Effective Leadership, Powerfully Delivered.