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About Our Campaign

Coronavirus affects everyone

The current global outbreak of COVID-19 affects everyone, regardless of race, color or wealth.

It is important that we remain united in fighting the virus, focusing our attention on those who most need our support.

Supporting Low Income Families and Refugees

Our Foundation has been in close contact with low income and refugee families both globally and in Hong Kong. We strive to understand their needs and provide solutions to help them thrive amidst this time of great need.

We have provided emergency funding for families who have lost their jobs due to the floundering economy, and have provided technology to low-income families to enable them to continue virtual learning.

Free Medical Supplies

Our Foundation is providing frontline doctors and low income households with face masks, cleaning liquid and other Personal Protective Equipment. We also provide household items such as toilet paper (sourced from other countries) for those in need because we understand such items may not be available in countries hard hit by the virus.

We Can’t Face This Pandemic Alone

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Expanding access to information

Continuing our Foundation’s efforts in 2018 to better access to healthcare information in Hong Kong, we have developed an in-house app that models the current outbreak while analyzing online news and government sources. The results of our analysis is then compiled into a report that is used by our charity partners to send low-income grassroots families to hospitals with more bed spaces, or to advise that certain districts with high infection rates be avoided.

Difference Scholarship

Our Foundation is continuing to make available our scholarship to bright and deserving individuals who may find it financially challenging to attend university.

How Can I Help?

Donate to COVID-19 relief funds
-> Virgin Money (UK) NHS Charities Together Campaign
-> You may also donate physical goods in support of frontline medical workers

Prevent the spread of misinformation
-> Only share news verified or provided by trusted global organisations
-> Do not share, and immediately block any individuals sending you misinformation regarding COVID-19 through social media

Check before you donate or buy
-> There have been some unscrupulous attempts at profiteering off the COVID-19 outbreak
-> Check to ensure that you only donate to established, registered charities
-> Ensure personal protective equipment (PPE) is only purchased through official, trusted channels

It is important that we remain united in times of need

Please get in touch if you or someone you know can benefit from our Foundation’s support.

If you work for an NGO or student group that is fighting the virus, we would love to support your work.