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Make a Difference

We fight for equality, social justice and environmental sustainability. Join us.

Make a Difference

Founded in 2014, the Make a Difference (Changefinity) Foundation provides emergency assistance to refugees, those in poverty without access to education and victims of domestic violence.


In this together


We serve those who lack a voice in our society. Be it refugees, victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence, or children who lack access to education, we welcome everyone.

Now, more than ever in these trying times, let’s pitch in to kick poverty out.


Your donation goes directly towards helping those in need. Absolutely no fees or administration costs are deducted!


Our democratic, grassroots governance style means that you decide where and how far your generosity goes.

Education for Children

We provide and fund high-quality education for youths in developing countries, because we know that children belong in schools, not dangerous cobalt mines.

Refugee Action

We help refugees navigate complex and hostile legal systems to make sure those fleeing conflict aren’t dragged into another one.

We believe that Social Change starts with us

Change starts with us. By funding and providing underprivileged children with wholesome educational and sporting activities, we are helping them realise their potential and be the best that they can be. 


We focus on promoting environmental sustainability. By hosting fun and meaningful activities in schools, we aim to raise awareness on how our choices impact the world we all share and live in.


We fully recognise the importance of equality and inclusion, which is why we provide programs that advocate for the rights of women, children and minority groups. 

We aim to give everyone, regardless of ability or social status the chance to explore their passions and thrive.


We fund and provide educational opportunities for those who deserve but cannot afford it.

 In the past, we have funded scholarships for deserving children and activities such as sports programs, choir, Model United Nations and debate.

Fighting the Virus. Together.

Read about how our Foundation is supporting those affected by the virus, and how you can pitch in.

Change a child’s life for less than
the price of your lunch

With no fees or administrative costs, change a life by giving just £0.99 ~ £4.99 a month.

What is “The Difference Movement”?

The world is in dire need for change – In a time when our world is ravaged by instability, poverty, injustice and conflict, our world needs people like you who is willing to stand up, raise your voice, and Make a Difference.

It’s one thing to stand aside and recognise that there is a problem, that poverty and malnourishment should have no place in our world today. But we need people like you who refuse to merely stand by and watch, and instead, decide to do something about the problem. To take resolute action that can help kids break the cycle of poverty.

Doing Good

Make Giving

Part of Living

It’s one thing to realise that there are structural inequalities, but it is another to act.

While you’re here, take a moment to consider what role you can play in bridging some of the divides that are preventing equality in our society. Spread the word about injustices that you see, speak up, and use your voice to help shout for the many whose mumbles are drowned out by the profiteering of those at the top.

Become a Volunteer Today

You can change a child’s life simply by volunteering your time. It costs you nothing, but is immensely rewarding.


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It Feels Great
To Do Good

Purchase Changefinity branded products and fund educational activities for underprivileged children.

All profits are used for running meaningful and wholesome sports, education and mental wellbeing activities for at-risk children.

Helping Children All Over the World

With a strong network of community centres, campaign groups and schools located around the world, we serve those that are most in need of our support.

Medical Aid

Working with governments to campaign for affordable access to medicine and essential hygiene and sanitary products.

Hunger Aid

Working with foodbanks to deliver surplus food to those who can barely afford scraps.


Providing free, high-quality education to children, breaking the vicious cycle of cross-generational poverty.

Our Causes

What We Do

We only serve those truly in need of our support, with strict compliance policies to make sure what you give goes directly to those you wish to support.


Temporary shelter


Affordable Meals


Psychological Care


Refugee Aid


Free Schooling